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University Parking


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“Design of the ground public space – University Parking: Technical Project”

The idea of the competition has come up after the opening in 2010 of the site for the underground parking lot in the University Square in the center of the Romanian capital.

Since several derogations were made from the provisions of the Zonal Urban Plan endorsed by the General Council of Bucharest Municipality, Bucharest Branch of the Architects’ Chamber of Romania has demanded the authorities:

  • To stop the works because the relations with the ground space imposed by the technical solutions of the underground were unsuitable and could easily damage the urbanscape of the square;
  • To organize an international architectural competition able to come up with contemporary solutions meant to enhance the square and change it into a pedestrian area, something which Bucharest lacks.  

The University Square is part of a representative ensemble of squares and public places located at the intersection of the two major traffic axes that cross Bucharest: North-South axis – Balcescu-Bratianu Boulevards – and West-East axis – Regina Elisabeta-Carol Boulevards. Site with an iconic feature, the University Square is one of the few quality public spaces of Bucharest. It is the result of careful contributions over several decades of major architects, sculptors, and landscape architects from both Romania and abroad.

The Design Project Competition has been initiated and organized by Bucharest Municipality in partnership with Architects’ Chamber of Romania and Bucharest Branch of the Chamber as a procedure of public procurement followed by negotiation, without publishing a prior participation announcement, with the winner designated by the jury, with whom a service contract will be signed. The competition is one phase, accessible in both Romanian and English languages and it is open to architects from Romania and member states of the European Union, European Economic Space and Switzerland Confederation.

The jury members are Arch. Luigi Snozzi (Switzerland), Dr. Arch. Luis F. P. Conceição (Portugal), Arch. Angelo Roventa (Austria), Dr. Arch. Zeno Bogdănescu (Romania), Dr. Arch. Nicolae Lascu (Romania), Arch. Eugen Pănescu (Romania) and Arch. Gheorghe Pătraşcu, from Bucharest Municipality (Romania).

From the financial point of view, the Bucharest Municipality ensures the total prizes awarded of 200.000 Romanian lei and the design contract value of maximum 500.000 lei (VAT included). Architects’ Chamber of Romania and Bucharest Branch of the Chamber cover the competition’s organization by a grant of the Union of Architects of Romania and sponsorship from the company Wienerberger Romania, unique sponsor of the contest.

This website is the official page of the Design Project Competition, in English and Romanian versions. It provides all necessary information and the documentation for competitors.

Competition jury

The jury is composed of 7 full-members + 2 deputies.


1. Arch. Luigi Snozzi (Switzerland)

2. Dr. Arch. Luis F. P. Conceição (Portugal)

3. Arch. Angelo Roventa (Austria)

4. Dr. Arch. Zeno Bogdănescu, representative of “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning (Romania)

5. Dr. Arch. Nicolae Lascu, representative of Bucharest Territory Branch of the the Architects’ Chamber of Romania (Romania)

6. Arch. Eugen Pănescu, representative of the Architects’ Chamber of Romania (Romania)

7. Arch. Gheorghe Pătraşcu, representative of Bucharest Municipality (Romania)

Deputy members:

1. Arch. Nemeş Karoly

2. Arch. Diana Olteanu


Competition calendar

 The deadline date and hour is the official hour on the Romanian territory (GMT + 2h).



The prizes awarded are as follows: 

            - Prize I :   60,000 lei

            - Prize II :  45,000 lei

            - Prize III : 35,000 lei

            - three mentions of 20,000 lei each.



Download Competition Documentation :

Annex 1 - Competition Brief

Annex 2 - Competition Regulation

Annex 3 - Topographical documents

Annex 4 - Urban planning documents

Annex 5 - Historic study and plans

Annex 6 - Photo 


  • ROUND I - Competition Queries
  • ROUND II - Competition Queries
  • FORM - Bank Guarantee Letter
  • Letter on approval heritage Ministry of Culture 
  • PUZ Zone Protejate
  • PUZ Metrou lina 5 tronson Universitate